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STEP 1: Register your website to major search engines
GOOGLE changes their algorithms!
With GOOGLE changing the way they rank and weighting your content, this will mean that many websites, not just yours will gain or lose ranking. With their new formula, GOOGLE is making the folks that are trying to SCAM the system lose placement and folks with less relevant or less content sites will also suffer. So we encourage all our clients to review their SEO (Search engine Optimizing) efforts. There are Videos on that can assist. Call Support to get those links. We also offer an SEO refresh for $350, if you wish for us to do the work for you.
Submit your website to Google Search:
Submit your website to Yahoo! Search:
*requires you to create a Yahoo! account, if you don't have one already.
Submit your website to MSN Search:
STEP 2: Update Meta Tags
Page Title
Atlanta Area Homes, Real Estate, Condos by Joe Smith
Website Description
Describe your website's purpose in less then 250 characters
Targeted Keywords
List the keywords used most often by search engine users to find real estate website [Keyword examples for city of Atlanta: atlanta homes, atlanta real estate, atlanta realtors, atlanta investment properties, duluth homes, duluth properties, marietta homes, marietta realtors, dekalb county homes] Notice: Duluth and Marietta are Atlanta Suburbs and Dekalb county is one of the counties covered by Atlanta Metro
Search Engine Text
This text is scanned by search engine robots visiting the website, this area should be combination of the above 3 plus more.  You may place unlimited amount of text in this area.
Additional META tags (Advanced)
If you need to add additional META tags to your site you may specify them here. You will need to use properly formated XML in this section. WARNING! This feature is only to be used if you know what you are doing. If you are unsure about what to put here leave this section blank
STEP 3: Links
Ask people to link to your website and in return you link to other websites.  Make sure the incoming links and outgoing links are only to other relevant websites.
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